No wonder Mooney divorced mom.

i could melt you in seconds u wanna go

who am i

whats a dragon fruit anyways

wait i wanna try dragon fruit but i also dont wanna try dragon fruit



guess who finally got back on this blog

well that was unexpected

wait did i mention that i even had this blog

im still c rying bc the fUCKING CORNFLAKES

guess who finally got back on this blog

MOM MOM MOM MOm,mmmmmmm asdnakdhasfkladslkfsalfhslkgs adgsalkgasodgasogkasgaskdlg sakldg

sON SON SON ????

dont actually know what im doing bye


imagemooneymannyinthesky replied to your post: cries why

y do you think

i’m trying to figure that out, dummy

love me